Wednesday 9 September 2015

McCoist to agree settlement with King?

It is being reported by the Scottish Sun and Daily Record that Ally McCoist is set to agree a settlement with Dave King. McCoist has been on gardening leave since last December and only has just over three months to go in his contract. McCoist is reportedly on a £750,000 per year deal which would mean he is still entitled to £250,000.

Fans had expected this settlement to happen as soon as King and the three bears took control at Ibrox. Many fans are asking why this hasn't been settled before now with only a couple of months to go. Dave King spoke about the situation back in May;

“But Ally is quite within his rights to be doing what he is doing. There is no situation to be resolved. We are asking him to do us a favour. 
The club owes Ally as much as he owes them in terms of the satisfaction he has given fans over the years. 
“But the fact is he has a contract, it was committed to and the club must respect contracts. It is up to the club to come and maybe satisfy him or him to come to the club. 
“But there is no complex issue to be resolved. 
There is no dispute with Ally McCoist. The question is, ‘can we now convince him now we have some stability?’ 
“Maybe there is an opportunity for us to go to him and say: ‘Ally, we are here, we are staying, would you assist us in some way going forward?’ 
“But we must understand he would be doing us a favour. He owes us no obligation to compromise on his legal position.

The whole saga has left a sour taste with many Rangers fans. McCoist's wages and performance as a manger have severely tarnished his legendary status at the club. I hope once this has been settled we can look back on his glorious playing career at Ibrox rather than his managerial years.