Ibrox Stadium

Ibrox Stadium is home to Rangers Football Club which has a capacity of 50,947. The sadium is regulary sold out with well over 30,000 season ticket holders. Ibrox  is comprised of four stands; Bill Struth Main, Sandy Jardine, Copland and Broomloan stand. The away supporters are located between the corner of the Sandy Jardine stand and Broomloan stand. Ibrox is a UEFA elite rated stadium and has recently hosted the rugby 7's tournament for the Glasgow 2014 commonwealth games.

Some quotes from opposition players on the Ibrox Atmosphere

Didier Drogba (Chelsea)

"All I can say when I try to imagine what it will be like at Ibrox is Ooh la la!' I played against Rangers at Ibrox with Chelsea in the summer and we lost 2-0, I have told Perrin that the atmosphere at Ibrox is absolutely magical. To my way of appreciating football, its truly really beautiful. That's how to support your team!"

Drogba goes on "Lyon played at Celtic a couple of seasons ago but Ibrox will be completely different!"

Thierry Henry (FC Barcelona)

"I know the atmosphere that's generated here and that makes it tough for any team. I thought the fans were unbelievable again.

"They were not swearing or shouting stupid things, they pushed their team forward and that's great to see."

Frank Lampard (Chelsea)

"The Rangers fans were awesome, all the lads were talking about it," said Lampard.

"The reception I got when I went to take corners during the game, and after when we were going off, was really nice.

"They certainly love their own team, but it was very special to get that welcome. It was amazing really, and a very good game to play in for us, certainly the best friendly we've had.

"With that kind of backing from their crowd, they will be hard to beat. And I expect to see Rangers in the Champions League.

Hernan Crespo (AC Milan)

"I've played at Ibrox --the atmosphere in Scottish stadiums is sensational."

Lionel Letizi (PSG)

"I'd been told about the incredible atmosphere but could not believe how loud it was.

"When we arrived and walked out on to the pitch, the stadium was empty because we were early.

"We went back inside to change and when we walked into the tunnel we could hear a rumbling noise.

"And when we went back on to the pitch I could not believe my ears. The sound was terrifying and the game had not even started yet.

"I then had to walk to my goal and when the referee blew his whistle to start the match the sound which came from the stand at my back almost knocked me over.

"It was amazing and I am really looking forward to experiencing this again - as a Rangers player."

Henning Berg (When at Rangers)

"The atmosphere was better than anything I experienced at Old Trafford, even better than playing Juventus there. I will never forget this night.

Dado Prso (Monaco)

"The atmosphere was incomparable, and I had goosebumps throughout the match," he said of the 2-2 draw, despite spending the first 56 minutes on the bench.

Since then, I have never experienced anything as intense in any of the other European stadia I've played football in. Rangers are the club I needed to join. They are a club in my own image, and their ambitions are on the same level as my own."

Gary Neville (Manchester United)

"This was the loudest atmosphere that I have known, compared to any English ground away from home.

"There have been certain nights at Old Trafford in European games - the ones against Juventus comes to mind - when the atmosphere was incredible.

"But this was definitely up there with the best. It was fantastic.

"When we came out at the start I was looking around me and I saw people in the directors’ box jumping up singing and I was wondering what was happening. It is not usually like that.

"The crowd beating us was never going to happen - but thank goodness they didn’t score."

Ruud van Nistelrooy (Manchester United)

"I'll never forget that night we played there. The atmosphere was unbelievable, very hostile.

Villarreal will think they've experienced a lot of good atmospheres but I really think the Rangers support could startle them.

Marcos Senna (Villarreal)

"Usually players don't even hear supporters when we play but it was impossible to ignore the crowd in Glasgow.

"When they scored, the noise was amazing, incredible. It was a very beautiful spectacle.

"I could almost say I was not totally sad when they scored - that crowd deserved it.

"It seems there will be 6000 Rangers fans here but only 4000 will get into the stadium. Well, it's going to be noisy inside and out.

"Their fans are great and it will help them but it was a lot noisier at Ibrox than it will be at our ground. The Madrigal fans support us a lot but in a different way."

Giovanni van Bronckhorst (Barcelona)

"It is not just made up that players can suffer from an intimidating atmosphere when they play at visiting grounds.

"I know from Ruud (Ruud van Nistelrooy) that when we beat PSV at Ibrox in the Champions League he thought it was very frightening. He said it was one of the most atmospheric matches he had ever experienced - and now he has to face it again. For him to come back to Ibrox it will be the same experience.

"I know that Manchester United's players face all the biggest games and full stadiums everywhere, but I think most of them will find this Wednesday night at Ibrox a really different atmosphere.

"I've played in England and I don't think that any stadium in the Premiership can compare with Ibrox for its intimidating atmosphere - it is far above them."