Wednesday 4 November 2015

Sons of Struth Protest

Sports Direct Protest 2pm-3pm Saturday Ibrox Superstore
"After the feedback and level of outrage due to todays press revelations we are holding a protest outside the superstore to ask ALL fans to boycott merchandise and Sports Direct.
We are mindful that the game is the remembrance game and no protest will take place inside the stadium or during the game.
SoS will be purchasing large safe banners to be displayed in the vicinity of the store highlighting the reasons for our boycott.
To show unity in the fanbase we would ask all RSC's and groups to bring their banners. Lets get the flags out
Obviously any fan wishing to purchase from the store during our protest should be allowed to do so unhindered however we would respectfully appeal to fans who may visit the store to browse to refrain from doing so during our event. Our aim is an empty store.
We will not enter the store nor cause any concern to staff.
Large numbers are required to make this work and we appeal to all fans who agree with the boycott to share via social media and in the real world.
We will appeal for funds to help with banners and will post details soon online.
Enough is enough
Here before you, here after you, here forever"